• Project : Telford
  • Date :2016
  • Location :Outskirts of Telford, UK
  • Rig :Rig Name Here
  • Type of Testing :CPTs

In Situ carried out a project investigating an old clay pit on the outskirts of Telford. The project involved carrying out 136 CPTs to depths between 1 and 10m across the site.

The site had been backfilled up to its present level, leaving a relatively flat area for the construction of a housing estate. Before the building work commenced, information was required regarding the thickness and geotechnical parameters of the variable fill on the site.

As time was of the essence for this project, the work had to be completed in one week, the client required high quality geotechnical data, so we used CPTs to meet the clients needs.

The positions were roughly marked out on site by the client with more detailed positioning carried out by the CPT crew; each position was also given co ordinates using the on board GPS unit.

CPTs worked very well on this site and were an appropriate solution for this project;supplying the client with the required data in the proposed timescale.
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