Seismic Research Project

  • Project : Seismic Research Project
  • Date :2014
  • Location :UK
  • Rig :CPT001 Volvo
  • Type of Testing :Seismic Cone Penetration Tests


In Situ have recently finished working with a University of Birmingham 4th year Civil Engineering student, developing geophysical research relating to the maximum shear modulus values of a soil, for a final year MEng geotechnical project.

Seismic cone penetration tests were undertaken before and after the installation of vibro-stone columns to establish the effectiveness of the ground improvement technique, and the feasibility of using geophysics.

The two sets of data were compared to find relationships between soil stiffness and shear wave velocities relating them to site borehole results of the soil conditions. The comparison of results was then presented in a technical report produced by the student.
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