Self Boring Pressuremeter Tests in Norway

  • Project:Self Boring Pressuremeter Tests in Norway
  • Date :September 2017
  • Location :Norway
  • Type of Testing :Self Boring Pressuremeter

In September 2017, In Situ Site Investigation recently completed a package of Self Boring Pressuremeter testing in partnership with Norway Geotechnical Institute, to provide geotechnical data for their research project. NGI are using numerous in situ instruments across two locations in the south of Norway, where they are looking for comparisons between each instrument and data. We had our very own skilled crew to deliver fifteen tests, where the last SBP testing in the country was done over thirty years ago.

We were testing in the scenic towns of Halden & Ons√ły, where our modified van was imported by ferry into Sweden before driving across the border. The borehole material consisted of very soft to soft clay, with occasional silt where we converted our SBP into soft clay mode. This is a slight change in lantern, body and a thinner rubber membrane that is suitable for low pressure testing in soft ground.

In addition to this our site and drilling experience allowed us to complete fifteen successful tests on two rigs; a sonic and piston sampler for further investigation.

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