CPTs and UXO on the Railway in Bristol

  • Project : CPTs and UXO on the Railway in Bristol
  • Date :March 2017
  • Location :Bristol, UK
  • Rig :CPT009 & 014 Excavator Mounted CPT rigs
  • Type of Testing :CPT & UXO using combined cone

In Situ Site investigation completed geological testing for the electrification of the Great Western Railway; one of Britain’s oldest and busiest railways. Modernising the route will improve the experience of everyone who uses it and stimulate economic growth in the South West and beyond.

We used our combined cone to complete CPTs and UXO tests along the cesses each side of the rail track in the Bristol area. All tests went to a depth of 6 metres; the required depth by the client. The positions were completed where the gantries are to be placed alongside the track.

We worked a total of ten night shifts to complete this part of the project. On the final shift, we were able to deploy two of our excavator mounted CPT rigs (Rail Rigs) to work simultaneously to complete an impressive 23 locations in a single possession. By doing this, we were able to save our client the cost of a further possession. 

Furthermore, the versatility of having our CPT rig mounted on an excavator enabled us to move the rig across the track quickly to aid the other rig to complete the final tests on their side of the cess. Again, this enabled us to complete the locations quicker and saved our client money.

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