A brief guide to CPT

A guide to using CPTs

In Situ Site Investigation specialise in the use of cone penetration testing (CPT), which are intrusive tests where a cone penetrometer is pushed vertically into the ground. Our CPT rigs contain hydraulic rams which push the cone at a continual rate of 20mm per second. Tests can reach to depths of up to 80-100m, depending on the ground conditions.

CPTs are ideal for many sites because they are quick to perform and the results are instantaneous which means we can work alongside our clients on a needs basis, which often results in saving our clients money and time. Further advantages of using CPTs are that they have nominal impact on the environment; they are quiet as well as producing miminal disturbance of the soil. We own a number of CPT rigs, both tracked and wheeled as well as excavator mounted and detachable rams. This allows us to work on any site, including those with restricted access.

As well as the standard digital piezcone, we have a number of specialist cones for varying site conditions, please click on the following link to read about the cone penetration testing services we can offer as well as additional testing services which may be suitable for your site.

Please click on the following link to read more about all our services inluding pressuremeter, marine and rail.

For a quote or any further enquiries, please email info@insitusi.com and a member of our friendly team will get back to you.

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