Environmental Services

In Situ Site Investigation offers a range of rapid screening tools designed to identify, map and model contamination as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

All the tooling is compatible with our CPT rigs, allowing for quick deployment to site. We can quickly and easily identify and map source zones, transport areas, plumes and mass storage areas and adjust the site investigation on-the-fly as data is collected and processed in real time.



Membrane Interface Hydraulic Profiling Tool

The combined MIP/HPT tool detects VOCs using a carrier gas transport system from the tool head to a versatile gas chromatography system based on the surface. A range of detectors can be deployed, depending on your needs.



Common detectors include:

FID: Flame Ionisation Detector, used for detecting hydrocarobons, including methane.

PID: Photo Ionisation Detector, log hydrocarbons and chlorinated species with an ionisation potential of <10.6ev

XSD: Halogen Specific Detector, chlorinated solvents including (PCE, TCE etc)

Electrical conductivity injection pressure and dissipation testing from the HPT are logged and combined with the MIP data to produce real time qualitative logs of GC detector response, EC and estimated hydraulic conductivity plotted against depth in a single push.

Vertical profiles, 3D models and maps can all be produced using the MiHpt data, providing you with a clear picture of what is happening underground.

Click here to download our MiHpt Data Sheet



Example MIP Log-001


We recently exhibited at the Contamination Expo Series 2017 in London’s Excel Centre.  We were honoured to be a finalist for the ‘Innovation Award’ with our MiHpt. Alistair Gray impressed the judges with a live demonstration and discussion about the probe and the real time results that can be obtained on site.