CPTs and Dissipations for Cattle Crossing in Somerset

In Situ Site Investigation recently completed a two-day project in Somerset which included 10 CPTs and 5 dissipations. Our work formed part of the site investigation for the foundations for a new bridge across the river, to be built solely for cattle to make their way home! The right of way for the current footpath is due to become a cycle path so a new means of crossing the river will be imperative for the famer to transport his animals across his fields.

Tests went to a depth of approximately 30 meters and the dissipations provided useful information for helping understand how the soil will behave with heavy surface loads and therefore will have an impact on foundation designs further down the line. The ground was found to be layers of clay and peat so we were able to determine how the water was settling near the site.

Dissipation tests can be carried out during any standard CPT and do not require any additional set up. Moreover, the results are instantaneous which allows decision making on site as needed by the client whilst the tests are in situ.

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