CPTs in a Wetland Wildlife Reserve

In Situ were delighted with the prospect of working on a specialist one day project in the South West of England. For this unique job, a wetland wildlife reserve, our Mini Crawler (CPT 003) was used. This rig’s relatively light weight and compact nature made it extremely practical for this delicate site with an abundance of wildlife and areas of natural beauty. Its narrow tracks caused minimal disturbance to the public paths and wetland areas, allowing it to access confined spaces where CPT locations had been set out.


A total number of 4 CPTs were needed by our client who was extremely interested in the top 3m of soft sediment. For this particular job, our S10 cones were used to determine the stratigraphy of the site. Dissipation tests were also performed on each CTP location at varying depths to produce an insight into the structural integrity of the soil.

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