In Situ Hit the Slopes!

Earlier this month, we successfully completed 10 CPT tests in a very challenging location; the slope of a river bank. Our client contacted us due to our specialist equipment suited to the job, namely our excavator rig, which can get pretty much anywhere! The CPT unit is attached to the end of a 22 tonne excavator which can then place the unit wherever it is needed in order for tests to be carried out safely.

We spent a day in Tonbridge on a disused factory site which will be used for a housing development after our site investigation.  Darren, Tom and Paul completed the CPT tests at different levels on the slope in order to give the client a varied profile of the bank. The tests showed the location to have a top layer of soft clay with lower levels of stiff clay with dense sand embedded throughout. Each test was 10 meters deep which ensured a good level of accuracy needed by our client.

We love our excavator rig! It enables us to test in those otherwise unable to reach locations.

Read more about our rigs here. Contact us for a quote if you’d like to give us another challenge!



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